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GS-82 RT series

Minimalist slide with break

GS-82 RT elbow series
GS-82 RT detail elbow series
GS-82 RT cutting series
GS-82 RT elbow series
GS-82 RT detail elbow series
GS-82 RT cutting series
» Sliding woodworking system for loads of 150 kg per sheet, with conventional deep drawn or multipoint closure, with triextrusion EPDM sealing gaskets, which act on the frame providing high air permeability and sealing, as well as improvements in acoustics.

» The most interesting novelties of the product are its reduced cost, its performance in loading, operation, simplicity of manufacture, its crossing of reduced dimensions of 28 mm in width, its compatibility with other systems of the group, frames of 54 mm (SM-54 RT series).
» Sections
• Frame: 82 mm, 54 mm and others.
• Sheet: 70 x 34 mm

» Medium thickness
1.4 mm

» Polyamide
• 26 mm in frame
• 14.8 mm in sheet

» Glass ceiling height
20 mm

» Hollow for glass
Maximum 28 mm

» Dimensions
• Window: From 2,000 mm wide by 1,800 mm high.
• Door: From 3,500 mm wide by 2,500 mm high.

» Mechanisms
Type conventional and multipoint closures with maximum weight per 150 kg sheet, according to the standards UNE-EN 13126-16:2008 and EN 1191:2008

» Finishes
• Bicolor
• Textured
• Woods
• Anodized
Tests carried out in laboratories:
Nr. 17/14566-1422

According to the UNE-EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2017 standard.

» Air permeability
Class: 4

» Water tightness
Class: A8

» Wind load resistance
Class: C3

» Test dimensions
2,500 mm wide by 2,200 mm high.

» Thermal calculation
• Uw = 1.8 W/m²K according to the norm EN.ISO 10077-2:2012 considering double glazing (4-16-4 with low emissive and with argon 85%).
• Ug = 1.0 W/m²K and window dimensions 1,230 mm wide by 1,480 mm high.

For other dimensions and glass consult transmittance.

Valid in climatic zones C.T.E. 2013: A, B, C, D, E.

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GS-82 RT series