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V-98 series

Practicable without breakage

V-98 elbow series
V-98 detail elbow series
V-98 cutting series
V-98 elbow series
V-98 detail elbow series
V-98 cutting series
» Carpentry system of basic features, very versatile, base system of the group, its origin goes back to 1998 as a continuation and improvement in performance of its predecessor the V94.

» Prepared to obtain optimum results within its performance and energy efficiency values, by its concept, its objective is to obtain a basic use, within the rehabilitation and reform, the frame-leaf coefficient in UF = 6.2 W / m²K.
» Sections
• Frame: 45 mm
• Blade: 52 mm

» Medium thickness
1.4 mm

» Polyamide
It does not have cold series.

» Glass ceiling height
20 mm

» Hollow for glass
• From 6 mm
• Up to 35 mm

Possibility of straight and curved jonquil.

» Maximum dimensions / sheet
• Width (L) = 1,100 mm
• High (H) = 2,400 mm

» Maximum weight / sheet
130 Kg

» Finishes
• Bicolor
• Textured
• Woods
• Anodized
Tests carried out in laboratories:
Nr. 201173

According to the standard UNE-EN 14351-1:2006+A1

» Permeability
Class 4

» Water tightness
Class A9

» Wind load resistance
Class C4

» Thermal calculation
• Uw = 3.2 W/m²K according to the norm EN.ISO 10077-2:2012 considering double glazing (4-16-4 with low emissive).
• Ug = 1.4 W/m²K and window dimensions 1,230 mm wide by 1,480 mm high.

For other dimensions consult transmittance.

Valid in climatic zones C.T.E. 2013: A.

For other areas consult possibilities according to ACRIST.

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V-98 series