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Barana GS-48 Glassvision

Glass railing

Barana GS-48
Barana GS-48 detail
Court Barana GS-48
Barana GS-48
Barana GS-48 detail
Court Barana GS-48
» State-of-the-art railing system, designed to obtain a clean and clear vision. Designed for both exteriors and interiors.

» Made of aluminum, top quality with high mechanical characteristics. Prepared to use high security glasses of 10 + 10.1.5 mm. Tempered with double butyl of the Sentryglass type or 10 + 10.1 and 8 + 8.1 with simple butyl top mounting. With EPDM seals and fixing sheets in premium ABS plastic.

» An efficient and flexible solution in the possibilities of solutions for new construction and renovation, saving in installation times for its components.
» Sections
• 44 x 118 mm in "U"
• 82 x 118 mm with shovel and placket.

» Medium aluminum thickness
10 mm

» Anchors
• Type FAZ or BAZ of M12 x 103 A4 stainless steel.
• Each 220 mm and 60 mm from the ends.

» Hollow for glass
From 20.5 mm to 21.5 mm

» Height
Railing up to 1110 mm

» Finishes
• Textured
• Woods
• Anodized
Tests carried out according to building technical code (DB-SUA-1 and DB SE-AE) and resistance and test according to UNE 85238-91 standard, static and dynamic safety test railings, for resistant class of 0.80 to 1,6 kN/m.

Tests carried out in laboratories:
LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER No. 16/12745-1545 (10 + 10.1.5 tempered)

» Compliant for specified areas CTE
• Residential: A
• Administrative: B
• Access to the public: C1, C2, C3, C4
• Commercial areas: D
• Traffic areas and vehicle parking: E
• Accessible private access covers: F
• Access covers only conserved: G

» Meets specifications UNE standard UNE 85238-91
Safety test 2.21 kN/m (v. tempered).

LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER No. 16/13375-2692 (10 + 10.1)

» Compliant for specified areas CTE
A, B, C1, C2, D, G.

LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER No. 18/16658‐574 (8 + 8.1)

» Compliant for specified areas CTE
A, B, C1, C2, D, G.

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Barana GS-48 Glassvision