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MUR-50 series

Curtain wall

MUR-50 elbow series
MUR-50 detail elbow series
MUR-50 cutting series
MUR-50 elbow series
MUR-50 detail elbow series
MUR-50 cutting series
» Curtain wall system for closing facades, in tapeta (stick) versions, structural silicone with footprint attached to the frame, framed or paneled cold versions and with thermal break.

» High performance series, due to its concept and design, it allows to realize all the possible façade solutions that are requested of us.

» Its objective is to obtain high energy efficiency as well as greater durability. Easy to manufacture due to its concept of connection of uprights with crossbeams, straight cut without recesses. Both the upright and the crossbar may predominate. The calculations are made according to European standards on light facades.
» Sections
• Stile: 220 mm depth.
• Cross member: 140 mm depth.
• Width: 50 mm in both profiles.

» Medium thickness
From 2.2 to 3 mm

» Polyamide
• 26 mm tip profile.
• Gaskets in EPDM.

» Hollow for glass
• From 6 mm
• Up to 46 mm

According to version.

» Dimensions
For glasses of 60 kg/m² maximum hole dimensions 2000 x 4000 mm

They will fluctuate according to design needs and glazing weights. Consult other dimensions.

» Finishes
• Bicolor
• Textured
• Woods
• Anodized
Tests carried out in laboratories:
Report No. 240346

According to the UNE-EN 13830 standard - Light facades

» Permeability
Class A3

» Water tightness under static pressure
Class R5

» Water tightness under dynamic pressure
21.15 minutes at 1500 Pa (Pascal)

» Wind load resistance
SUITABLE (1529.5 kN/m²)

» Thermal calculation
• Uw = 1.43 W/m²K according to standard EN.ISO 10077-2:2012 considering double glazing (6+6-16-6+6 with low emissivity).
• Ug = 1.1 W/m²K and window dimensions 1,000 mm wide by 1,000 mm high.

For other dimensions and glass consult transmittance.

Valid in climatic zones C.T.E. 2013: A, B, C, D, E.

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MUR-50 series