Grupo Sopena

Quality management

Quality is a fundamental value, and we want to guarantee the highest quality of our products by implementing rigorous process controls, from the analysis of raw materials to the mandatory dimensional and surface controls.

Each area of Grupo Sopena has the quality certification that corresponds to the process concerned. These are:

ISO 9001:2015

In the extrusion plant.

CE marking

In the extrusion plant.


In the lacquer plant.


In the anodizing plant.


In the sublimation plant.

A continuous training of our human team is one of the pillars where the quality is based.

In Grupo Sopena we are committed to a continuously measure, improving and control of our environmental performance, sustainability, being specially committed to an energy efficiency improvement a reducing water consumption. We also have a strong commitment to reduce the volume of waste generated, complying all regulations and applicable legislation in our sector.